Playa del Carmen is the fashion

Why Playa del Carmen is the fashion destination and what to do to enjoy it 100%

Playa del Carmen is the fashion destination. Located in the middle of the Riviera Maya, Playa is the ideal destination for your next vacation. It has everything: hotels for all budgets, an enviable location, beautiful beaches, restaurants of all kinds with dishes from around the world. Playa del Carmen is a new and cosmopolitan city where more than 160,000 Mexican and foreign residents live. It also received 4 million visitors a year. From here you arrive quickly to any place in this vast Mexican paradise. For all this, Playa del Carmen is a growing place with an enviable tourist offer, which has made it the fashionable destination in the Riviera Maya!

Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen. Photo:

Get the best of Playa del Carmen according to the season

Before choosing Playa as the place for your next vacation, it is important that you take into account some important aspects so that you feel comfortable, safe, fun and save money.

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  1. Transport. Not everyone can travel in the same seasons. If you have children, you depend on the dates of their holidays and unfortunately, the only chance for you to travel is the high season. It is expensive, the demand is high and the services become deficient and crowded. But if you do not have children, surely in your employment you can choose your holiday seasons. Before that, check airline and bus ticket prices on companies’ websites. You will be surprised at the enormous savings you can have by just moving the start of your trip one day.
  2. Lodging. As in transport, everything revolves around the high and low seasons. If you have no choice but the high season, get ready with enough savings and a lot of patience. You will face crowds, services and attention much less than 100%, high prices in all products and services and many times, abuses of service providers. If you are lucky to be able to travel in low season, the story is the opposite. Better prices, better quality of services, more personalized attention, without crowds. The best thing is that service providers practically fight for you, so you will avoid abuses on your part and you can even negotiate for better deals, offers and promotions.
  3. Itinerary. Do you already know what places you are going to visit? What activities do you want to do? In high season, despite all the inconveniences involved, all services are available. Outside of those busy dates, some services may be disabled but it does not mean you will not have fun. Search activities, promotions, packages, combos and good prices according to what you want to do. This way you will occupy your time in enjoying the pleasure and the fun and you will avoid problems that ruin your vacations. Here is a list of activities with permanent discounts available all year round in Playa del Carmen, Cancun and the Riviera Maya, so that your holidays will be excellent in any season. There are more than 70 activities just for you!
  4. Reviews. There is no better useful information than reviews. It does not matter what your travel agent tells you, nor the receptionist of a hotel that promises you the sky and the stars. It does not matter what your agent of tours or activities tells you, nor your concierge when you are already at your hotel. Remember that, although they are very nice, they are all sellers, not your friends. You can get the most reliable information about hotels, restaurants, activities, attractions, parks, flavours, smells and experiences with the service directly from the reviews, evaluations and comments of other vacationers. Where? Fortunately, there are many internet sites that are responsible for collecting these evaluations so you can read them and make the best decision. Trust Pilot is one of them and the main characteristic of the majority is the 99% guarantee of real reviews (there are many service providers that cheat and evaluate themselves with the best rating). Here you can see the reviews that some visitors wanted to share about the quality of the service and the activities of Take a look! I am sure that you will want to book some of the activities better evaluated by other vacationers like you. Here you have some water sports that everyone loves. These incredible theme parks are also located in Playa del Carmen, so they are an excellent option for you to have a lot of fun.
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Quinta Avenida (5th Avenue), at night. Playa del Carmen. Photo:

Now you know the 4 essential things to plan better your next vacation to Playa del Carmen. Once you’re here, you have to go through 5th. Avenue on foot. You will find excellent options to eat at any time of the day. If you prefer shopping, there are shops of all types and recognized brands, as well as shopping centres along «La Quinta». The nightlife offer of Playa del Carmen is also very wide and Avenida 12 Norte is the home of bars and nightclubs for your fun.

I advise you to plan well and book in advance so that you get the best services at the best price in the best locations. For last minute purchases or reservations, I recommend you check at least 3 options, negotiate with your seller and choose the best, so you will avoid disappointment and get the best possible price.

Are you ready for your vacation in Playa del Carmen? Share your experience in the comments.

See you next time!